Chippewa Tribe-Une

The Chippewa Tribe-Une is an Aamjiwnaang First Nation community information newsletter that advertises and informs the community about issues and events happening in and around Aamjiwnaang. The Tribe-Une publishes community information, advertisements, and public service announcements on a bi-weekly basis. The paper is published every other Friday and the deadline for submissions is Tuesday at 4 pm prior to print. The paper is delivered (by request) to Band Members and is also available via Canada Post, e-mail, or online. Submissions for the paper can be sent by phone, fax, mail, or e-mail.

The paper is also available to non-band members via email.

If you wish to have the paper sent by e-mail, please submit your e-mail address to the editor at: or by calling 519-491-2160.

The paper is also available to read in PDF format below.


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