Wheelchair Accessible Van

Wheelchair Accessible Van

Wheelchair Accessible Van

Aamjiwnaang First Nation now has a wheel-chair accessible van which can provide transportation services to persons with a physical functional mobility challenge.  Anyone who is unable to or finds it difficult to use conventional transit due to their mobility issues will be able to access this van.

The van may be used for the following purposes:

  1. Medical appointments – we can provide a Medical Driver.
  2. Personal outings (shopping, visits, etc.) – you provide your own driver
  3. Community outings during regular business hours – a driver may be provided if available.


Who can drive the van?

All drivers need to be approved and trained by the Public Works department.  If you would like to add a family member or friend as a driver, please contact the Public Works department at 519-336-0510.

How do I book the van?

To book the van, please contact the Health Centre at 519-332-6770.  Please call ahead to ensure availability.  Medical appointments may take priority over other bookings.

Is there a cost?

There is no cost to use the van locally.  If you travel more than 40 kms from Aamjiwnaang, you need to replace the fuel you used.