Health Department – Community Health Team

Community Health Nurse – Gail Nahmabin, RN

Gail Nahmabin is our Community Health Nurse.  Gail can help you in many ways such as:  immunizations, communicable/infectious disease control and surveillance, environmental health services ( i.e. house inspections for mould), preschool assessments, blood sugar/blood pressure checks,  first aid, referrals, home visits, health counselling, health workshops, emergency preparedness and disaster planning, i.e. pandemic planning, non-insured health benefit inquiries, and will collaborate with other surrounding community partners on your behalf.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Gail is the only Nurse who can provide immunizations and flu shots under Health Canada’s Medical Directive.

Community Health Representative – Kristal Nahmabin

The Community Health Representative works closely with the Community Health Nurse and Community Wellness Worker to provide education and information most suitable to the community’s needs.

The position focuses on assisting people in the community to stay healthy and remain healthy through the prevention of chronic and contagious diseases such as diabetes, cancer and HIV.

The Community Health Representative helps to facilitate or bring various workshops and educational sessions throughout the year for instance:  HIV AIDs, cancer awareness for men and women, smoking cessation programs, physical fitness, healthy eating and gambling addiction awareness.


This group meets on the 3rd Monday of every month. Classes are facilitated by a Dietitian from the Southern Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre (SOAHAC) and occasional guest speakers. Community members are given education and information so they can live long and well with diabetes, and hopefully delay or prevent the complications of diabetes.  Transportation is available.


The Dietitian from SOAHAC joins us a few times a month for nutritional counselling. The dietitian can help you achieve and maintain your personal health goals and develop a plan that best suits your needs enabling you to make healthy lifestyle changes. Group programs are also offered throughout the year including teen cooking, healthy eating, weight management and diabetes.


Mike Garrett, D.Ch provides foot care services once every 3 weeks. Eligibility includes people with diabetes and others who have trouble caring for their feet for any reason.


Available every 2nd Thursday of each month from 12 – 1 pm at the Health Centre.  Community Members are welcome to come out to socialize and enjoy a free meal.