Health Department – Mental Wellness Team

Mental Wellness Team Supervisor– Tracey George, BA, OATR, RP

Tracey George is the Mental Wellness Team Supervisor at the Aamjiwnaang Health Centre. She offers Art Therapy to children (4+), youth and adults. She is an intake and crisis counselor and mental health and addictions case manager. Therapeutically, Tracey practices with a holistic, client-centered, trauma-informed and harm reduction focus. Tracey works with those experiencing various challenges including living with loved ones experiencing substance use and dependence; mental illness in the family; anxiety, trauma, grief and abuse. Tracey is also trained in administering assessments required for attending treatment centers for addictions, specifically the Admission and Discharge Assessment Tools. She provides suicide intervention and crisis debriefing.

Community Wellness Worker – Roberta Bressette

Roberta is our Community Wellness Worker.  Her focus is to provide family violence services, referrals, support and case management to clients to address existing and emerging health, healing and wellness issues. She also focuses on Prevention of Suicide and Bullying.

Roberta works to organize and facilitate community events, i.e. cultural awareness, education, illness prevention and crisis intervention workshops) as well as promotion for school age and other youth and seniors regarding healthy relationships, healthy bodies and healthy minds.

The Community Wellness Worker teams with other members of the Health Staff to provide education and support to community members.  Some of the past years event highlights include:  Kids Expo, Youth Casino Night, National Suicide Prevention Day Events, Sister’s in Spirit Vigil and the Faceless Doll Project, physical fitness programs for youth up to adult and seniors.

Addictions and Diversion Worker – Alphonse Aquash

Alphonse is available to help clients and families struggling with addiction. Services are provided in a supportive, encouraging and confidential environment. This includes court diversions, referrals and cultural programs such as Fasting Camps and Community Sweats and Men’s Wellness. The goal of the Diversion program is to facilitate pre-charge diversion through the development of client healing plans. Services include client intakes, referrals, community service arrangements, advocacy and case management. Alphonse also facilitates RedPath Living Without Violence and Addictions Programs.

Outreach Team – Rhona Stewart and Kayla Joseph

The Addictions Outreach Team focus on crisis intervention, support and referrals. They offer supportive services to families and those with substance use challenges. Rhona and Kayla liaise with Bluewater Health Indigenous navigator, BWH Withdrawal Management services and other mainstream services. Kayla offers services to youth and facilitates Girls Group and RedPath Living Without Violence and Addictions Programs. The Outreach Team facilitates the Family Support group and the Recovery Group once per week.

School Mental Wellness Workers – Max Cryderman (secondary) and Gabriella Macdonald (Elementary)

Max provides support to secondary school students. He spends time at Great Lakes Secondary, Alexander Mackenzie and Northern secondary schools. He helps students with mental health challenges, so they can focus on their studies. Max also facilitates the Young Men’s Group. Gabriella works in the Elementary schools. She visits our students who attend Aamjiwnaang Daycare, JK and SK, Sir John Moore, Lansdowne and Queen Elizabeth schools. She supports our students who are experiencing mental health challenges so they can return to the classroom, ready to learn.


We offer appointments with traditional healers on a regular basis, in addition to sweats and educational workshops. Through our culture and traditional healing methods, healers, elders and medicine people help individuals, families and communities strive for balance and good health. They utilize a variety of approaches to healing which incorporate the mind, body, emotions and spirit. Currently visiting on a regular basis:

–              Wendy Hill

–              Richard Assinewai

–              Joanne Cheechoo

–              Elva Jamieson


This service is provided by Life’s Seasons. Tina Hunter and Jenny Jolly are available to help you work through distressing experiences. Regardless of the kind of loss you’re facing, Tina can help guide you through your grief and help you learn healthy ways to cope with your trauma/loss. They provide confidential support for individuals, couples and families across the lifespan.

Christy Primmer offers mental health counselling services. She is a life coach for women, youth and adults. She is an advocate and empowers those who have experienced trauma, loss, lowered self-esteem and confidence. She will help you work through self-sabotaging behaviours and guide you towards self awareness and success in your life and career.


Jessica Joseph, RPN from the Canadian Mental Health Association is available at the Health Centre to provide support and case management for people with mental illness.

Family Well-Being and Mental Wellness Program Support – Amy Vandersteen

Amy coordinates events and activities for families which include PD Day and March Break activities, Cultural Crafts – Creative Native, and Women’s Wellness. She is also the administrative support of all Mental Wellness programs. Amy assists other health programs as well. She is the hub of the Mental Wellness Team.


  • Women’s Wellness
  • Men’s Wellness
  • Girls Group
  • Young Men’s Group
  • Sweat Lodge – monthly
  • Redpath Addictions and Living Without Violence programs – twice per year
  • Addictions Family Support Group
  • Recovery Group

Anything that is causing distress in your day-to-day living is worth exploring and working through.