Early Years

Yasmin Cadotte – Child Care Supervisor

1900 Virgil Ave.

Sarnia, ON  N7T 7H5


The Aamjiwnaang Binoojiinyag Kino Maagewgamgoons Early Learning Centre is located at 1900 Virgil Ave., please call us to register at 519-344-4132.

Our Mission

Aamjiwnaang Binoojiinyag Kino Maagewgamgoons Early Learning Centre is committed to providing high-quality early years programming for children 3 months to 5 years.  Our focus is to provide a caring educational experience for the children, parents, families, and community of Aamjiwnaang.  We are committed to the overall development of each child in our play-based program that is implemented in a comfortable, functional, emotionally warm, supportive, and safe environment.  We value cultural identity and strive to ensure the unique qualities of individual children and their families are respected regardless of their cultural background, gender, belief, and attitudes.

Commitment & Philosophy

Using the High Scope philosophy and teachings of the Seven Grandfathers, we encourage a holistic and culturally diverse quality care program by experienced registered Early Childhood Educators and Aids.  Programming is geared to each age group, small groups, and outdoor learning, with a variety of resources for the children to explore, special activities, family engagement and formal child assessments.

Our Staff


Hours of Operation: 7:15am to 5:00pm

Reception 519-344-4132

Meal Plan

ABKM menus are planned per the guideline of the Canada’s Food Guide and Canada’s Food Guide – First Nations, Inuit, and Metis.

We provide healthy food items and mentor healthy eating habits for children.  We incorporate traditional indigenous foods into our 4-week menu rotation that change twice a year Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.  Parents are provided with menus to follow at home.  We nurture healthy development by providing a healthy lunch and 2 regular snack times as well as a nutritious snack available at any time during the day.  We accommodate to all dietary differences such as religious, cultural, allergies, sensitivities, and family preference.

Education Plan

The child development pedagogy is designed to enhance the learning styles and learning environment of children. ABKM’s Early Learning Centre programming implements Ontario’s pedagogy “How Does Learning Happen?”, The Early Learning for Every Child Today, “Think, Feel, Act”, High Scope curriculum and indigegogy which is also land based education, circle work, traditional teachings of language and culture.

Special activities

Special activities are planned throughout the year the coincide with the seasons and Ojibwe moons.

Winter activities

Animal tracking, storytelling, winter sports and Christmas celebrations.

Spring Activities

New life/animals, new growth/planting, water teachings and fishing.

Summer Activities

Cultural singing and dancing, gatherings and celebrations, berry picking and special excursions.

Fall Activities

Gathering, harvesting, farming and special Halloween activities.


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Aamjiwnaang Administration Office
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Fax:  519-336-0382

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