The negotiations of the Anishinabek Education Agreement is now complete and moving forward to the stage of Ratification.

Ratification is one of the most important steps in the process of Canada recognizing the Anishinabek Nation member First Nations’ jurisdiction over education.
The Anishinabek Nation and Canada have negotiated a ratification process for the Anishinabek Nation Education Agreement (ANEA). Canada has agreed to pay for the costs of ratification.

Thirty-nine (39) member First Nations in the Anishinabek Territory are eligible to ratify the Education Agreement. The Anishinabek Territory stretches throughout the province of Ontario from Ottawa in the east, to Sarnia in the south, and to Lake Nipigon and Thunder Bay in the north.

There are approximately 37,000 eligible voters that can participate in the ratification of the Education Agreement.

To ensure that each eligible voter is provided with the opportunity to vote, a ratification communications campaign will include the following objectives:

  • Building First Nation leadership and eligible voter awareness and knowledge of the education agreement and the proposed Anishinabek Education System;
  • Building awareness of the voting opportunities and process;
  • Conducting the ratification vote;
  • Compiling, communicating and analyzing the ratification vote results;
  • Consultation on the Federal Enabling Legislation/Supporting Passage of Legislation.

Ratification Communications Campaign

A Ratification Communication Campaign will start from November 2015 to November 2016 to secure informed voter consent.

Informed voter consent requires that each eligible voter is provided with sufficient information on the education agreement so he or she can understand the negotiated arrangements and the implications of approving those arrangements.

  • Preliminary activities will begin in November 2015 with the launch of a Ratification Communications Campaign – Say Yes to AES Website.
  • In January 2016, the Ratification Communications Campaign will begin with a number of Regional and First Nation Community meetings to build eligible voter awareness and knowledge of the Education Agreement and the proposed Anishinabek Education System.

Everyone will be encouraged to understand the Proposed Education Agreement by reading available information. To become knowledgeable, members will need to raise issues, ask questions, and discuss the issues with family, friends, elders, leaders, and eligible voters.

Every Eligible Voter:

  • is an important step in the process of recognizing the Anishinabek Nation member First Nations’ jurisdiction over education;
  • has an independent right to cast their ballot;
  • regardless if they live on-reserve or off-reserve;
  • is over the age of 18 years old can vote either in person or by mail;
  • can receive information on the Proposed Anishinabek Education Agreement;
  • has a duty to find out what the Proposed Education Agreement is all about;
  • has the right to make their own decision; and
  • should know that every vote counts.

Overseeing the Ratification Vote

The Ratification Committee oversees the ratification vote process together with the Ratification Vote Manager and Deputy Ratification Vote Manager.
In September 2015, the Ratification Committee was established, and is comprised of four (4) individuals appointed by the Union of Ontario Indians and Canada:Union of Ontario Indians – Rhonda Couchie and Fred Bellefeuille

  • Canada – Tammy Cote
  • The Committee is responsible for the implementation and conduct of the Ratification Process and Ratification Vote.
    In April 2016, the Ratification Vote Manager and Deputy Ratification Vote Manger will be hired to supervise and provide direction to First Nation Ratification Vote Officers and Urban Centre Ratification Vote Officers.

Ratification Process

  • 1 week voting period November 28, 2016 to December 2, 2016
  • First 2 days off-reserve polling stations at Urban Centres
  • 3 days on-reserve polling stations
  • Polling stations opened from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • Mail-in ballot is an option for those who cannot attend a polling stations


All Anishinabek Citizens! Get involved, join the discussion!

Get prepared to cast your vote on the proposed Anishinabek Education System – November 28, 2016 to December 2, 2016!




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