Environment Projects

There are several ongoing projects as-well-as new projects starting every week. When a company wants to build something new, install something, change a piece of equipment, change the current layout of the land within our defined traditional territory, they must inform Aamjiwnaang First Nation about their plan.

For each submission, a project summary is created for review by the Environment Committee.  The committee will decide whether or not any projects need further investigation or if they will have an impact on our First Nation.

The Environment Committee will then make a recommendations to Chief and Council regarding the type of engagement needed from the company whether it be Community information sessions or open houses on the project.

Capacity funding is also requested to ensure full and meaningful involvement. It is a formalized agreement with the company that the company will cover any additional testing or cost associated with reviewing the impacts of the project. This often includes a third party review of the proposed work and allows Chief and Council and the Environment Committee time to review the project and for community information sessions.  See related documents on the Consultation Process the Consultation Flow Chart and the Aamjiwnaang Consultation Protocol.

The Department also hosts a Chief and Council seminar quarterly to update Chief and Council on all the projects the department is working on.

Some Current Projects:

  • Clean Harbors Environmental Assessment
  • Traditional Land Use Study
  • St. Clair Area of Concern Beneficial Use Impairments Delisting
  • Sediment Management Options
  • Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement Annexes
  • Suncor Benzene Remediation
  • 419 Air Standard Regulation External working Group
  • Nova 2020 Expansion Project
  • Greenhouse and Native Plant Nursery
  • Species at Risk Assessments


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Cathleen O’brien
Environment Coordinator

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Harrison Plain
Band Manager
Aamjiwnaang Administration Office
978 Tashmoo Ave.
Sarnia, ON  N7T 7H5
Phone:  519-336-8410 Ext. 288
Fax:  519-336-0382

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