Economic Development

Harvey Filger
Corporation Manager

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Chippewa Industrial Park Sign
Chippewa Industrial Park Sign

Chippewa Industrial Developments Ltd. (CIDL)
Branch Office
1000 Degurse Avenue
Sarnia, ON  N7T 7H5
Phone:  519-336-9033
Fax:  519-339-9079

The Economic Development Department directs and promotes the economic, business development, employment development and vocational training programs of the Aamjiwnaang First Nation.  The CIDL Manager manages and directs the Chippewa Industrial Development Corporation ; and staff provides management support to First Nation owned Entities.

Mission Statement

The Aamjiwnaang Group of Companies, offers quality products, services and opportunities and is committed to improving the social, cultural and economic health of Aamjiwnaang.


The Aamjiwnaang Group of Companies, will become a self-sufficient community focused champion of industrial and environmental excellence.  We will advance the interests of Aamjiwnaang by being globally connected, entrepreneurial in spirit, and committed to the highest standards of quality in everything we do.


Chippewa Industrial Developments Limited will follow the concepts of the Seven Grandfather Teachings in all that is done for the community members, employees, stakeholders and strategic partners.

Honesty – AAKDE’EWIN

Corporate Development Objectives

  • Create Employment Opportunities
  • Self-sufficiency of Aamjiwnaang First Nation
  • Aboriginal Entrepreneurism
  • Participate in the mainstream economy
  • Generates Revenues
  • Develop an environment for partnerships and joint venture opportunities

Work in Progress

Renewable Energy Opportunities

  • Exploring renewable energy opportunities for the First Nation and its corporate entities to position ourselves under the Feed-in-Tariff Program for aboriginal set-asides
  • Facilitating community information sessions and Band Council information seminars; working with Chief on major economic opportunity associated with renewable energy
  • Secured a grant for the resources to engage legal and financial advisors to undertake due diligence services on renewable energy opportunities
  • September 2012 hosted a Renewable Energy Development Symposium for the (10) member First Nations in partnership with Southern First Nation Secretariat
  • Structural Tech Corporation ( )has expanded its research and development into the renewable energy sector developing solar racking systems; ground mounts; roof mounts and ground screw prototypes
  • Currently undergoing discussion for joint venture opportunities with Structural Tech Corporation


Chippewas of Sarnia Industrial Developments (CIDL) is a band-owned company that oversees the development and management of the Industrial Park on lands owned by Aamjiwnaang First Nation.

The Park’s location with the major industrial region of the City of Sarnia and adjacent to the St. Clair River, positions the Chippewa Industrial Park as a prime site to establish business. Tenants benefit from a diverse range of transportation means, including highway, water, rail and air routes.

The Chippewa Industrial Park was established in 1971, by Chippewa Industrial Developments Limited (CIDL), to create business opportunities and long-term employment for band members. Twenty-six of the park’s acres (hectares) of fully developed and serviced land are currently occupied.

The first phase of the industrial park was completed in 1991 and today its 17 tenants provide jobs for band members and other residents of the area. The park includes a gas bar and plaza which accommodates a restaurant and supports native small business and entrepreneurship. With the first phase of the Chippewa Industrial Park now full, development of another 235 acres in Phase 2 is well underway.

CIDL leases land and buildings to industry with rates based on a combination of the land’s market value and the value of the buildings. Leases may run for as long as 20 years with increments to the leases every two years. The park appeals to tenants who prefer to lease their buildings and land and channel their investments directly into equipment.

Tenants in the Industrial Park





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