Aamjiwnaang Education Law

On March 20th, Council approved to draft an Education Law. The education law is required as we move forward with the Anishinabek Education System self government agreement. The Education Committee is inviting an Elder, youth, and parent to join them to draft the Aamjiwnaang Education Law. There is a tight deadline for this initiative. Letters of interested will be accepted until 4pm on April 7, 2017. Interested candidates must be committed to meet during April 7-12. Once Council adknowledges the draft education law it will be posted to the community for 30 days for comments (per Aamjiwnaang Constitution). The goal is for Council to approve the education law as part of the signing ceremony with the federal and provincial government during the Grand Council Assemby at Aamjiwnaang on June 5/6, 2017.   -Vicki Ware, Education Coordinator




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