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Wheels to College, program sponsored by Suncor Energy Foundation and Aamjiwnaang First Nation.

Wheels to College

 Due to COVID-19, this program is running as needed.
To register please send an email to with your program schedule, contact number and emergency contact information.

Post-Secondary Financial Assistance Program

Steps for New Applicants

  1. Go to the application page located here:
  2. Start filling out the application
  3. Submit

Steps for Previously Funded

(Through Aamjiwnaang as of 2019, if funded through the Southern First Nation Secretariat, please apply as a new applicant and list your funding history in the Notes section of the application)

As a student currently in our database systems, you will need to follow these steps to reapply for Post-Secondary Financial Assistance:

  1. Go to the Student Page located here:
  2. Request your password, your password will be sent to the this email address
  3. Log in using the password emailed
  4. Create Application
  5. Submit

Annual Deadlines

  • Spring deadline is March 1
  • Fall deadline is May 1
  • Winter deadline is October 1

Aamjiwnaang Post-Secondary Financial Assistance Program Policy

General Questions