Strategic Planning

These are the TOP PRIORITIES identified by Chief and Council at the Strategic Planning Meeting.

  • Policy Review
  • Long-term Care Facility
  • Communication Strategy
  • Proposal Writer


Chief and Council – Two Year Plan


  • Hire Band Manager
  • Constitution/AES Agreement Ratification and Implementation
  • Appoint a By-Law Task Force
  • KPMG Organization Implementation Strategy
  • Enhance Communications Strategy
  • Safety and Security
  • Police/Sire Services (review agreements, alternatives, options and funding)
  • Community Safety Issues

Lands Management

  • Review and Update all Revenue Generating Leases and Agreements and Pipelines
  • Land Use Strategy
  • Examine FNLMA
  • Review existing Hwy. 40 agreements
  • Head Lease Review and Options
  • Land Claims
    • AFN/Kettle Point apportionment for Clench Settlement Offer/Ratification of Agreement
    • Continued research into Cameron Land Claim Options
    • Research into other potential (spec and comp) claims – Mt. Elgin Res. School
    • Mission Lot, Sales data for Surrenders 68 ½ and 69
    • 6-8 city roads not included in surrenders

Capital Projects

  • Long Term Care Facility
  • Bingo Hall
  • Set up Task Force
  • Study liabilities and designate site
  • Review existing research and feasibility study


  • Explore the feasibility of a path from Tashmoo to S. Vidal
  • Review drainage and sewer system on River Road in cooperation with City
  • Sewer system construction – Scott Road/S. Vidal
  • Development or improvement of infrastructure for Long-term Care Facility


  • Develop a plan for phased-in residential construction
  • Identify potential lands for development of additional sub-divisions
  • Assistance for tenants in arrears

Community Services – Health and Social

  • Articulate AFN customary care
  • Band Rep as a perm. Position
  • Seek ways to provide Community Supports for Addiction Aftercare/Sober Living Facility
  • Utilize Charitable Number to enhance funding


  • Review Tuition Agreements and articulate expectations to LKDSB
  • Pursue programs & services to help students reach their full potential across all AFN attended schools
  • Explore the resources required to administer Post-Secondary Funding
  • Monitoring of the AES effects on funding


  • Monitor issues that impact negatively on the community

Economic Development

  • Review staff separation of EC DEV and CIDL/Articulate Leadership’s Vision of Economic Development

Financial Planning

  • Examine Mechanism for distribution and allocation of own-source revenue (Leases/Wind Project Revenue)
  • Articulate plan to provide financial sustainability for Aamjiwnaang