Chief Chris Plain
Tom Maness, Council Portfolio
Dallas Sinpole, Council Portfolio
Phillip Maness, Community Member
Sherri Crowley, Community Member
Aaron Maness, Community Member
Lynn Rosales, Band Council Clerk


Lorrie Guggisberg, Human Resources
June Simon, Band Manager
Rosa John, Finance Coordinator
Mike Jackson, Councillor
Shawn Plain, Councillor
John Adams, Councillor

The Band Manager reports directly to Chief and Council, and is responsible for overseeing the administrative functions of the First Nation.

Organizational Structure

The Aamjiwnaang First Nation is governed by a Chief and nine Councillors who are elected every two years.  There are six standing committees appointed by Council.  They include:  Education, Development, Housing, Community Services, Health and Environment. Each of the committees works with one of one of the Program Coordinators.

First Nation operations are managed by the Band Manager and eleven Program Coordinators who report to the Band Manager. The Program Coordinators consist of Community Services, Corporate, Economic Development/Project Manager, Education, Environment, Finance, Housing, Health, Human Resource, Ontario Works, Lands, and Public Works.

June Simon
Band Manager


Aamjiwnaang First Nation Administration Office
978 Tashmoo Ave.
Sarnia, ON  N7T 7H5
Phone:  519-336-8410 Ext. 288
Fax:  519-336-0382

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