Aamjiwnaang First Nation

Aamjiwinaang Shoreline Softening Project

Notice – Starting July 24, 2017 – to be complete by September 1, 2017

During the shoreline softening construction Aaamjiwnaang’s fishing pier area will be fenced off for safety and will not be accessible to anyone for a period of six weeks. During this time Facca Construction will be working with the St. Clair River Conservation Authority and Aamjiwnaang’s Environment Department. Dennis Plain will be onsite during the period of construction or monitoring. If you have any concerns please call the Environment Department at 519-336-8410, or stop by our office at the Band Office. This project will also use the Inkejig area as the lay down area for materials to be transported to the work site along the shoreline for use on the project.

Up to 25 metres of shoreline will be softened, by removing sheet pile and installing rocks, grass, and aquatic plantings around the existing fishing pier. This will increase fish habitat for resting and spawning. The habitat pod will also improve access to the river for community members, and wildlife.

Additional funding has been secured to install groynes that will extend no more than 10 feet into the water as a way of creating additional fishing or relaxation areas. It is hoped that after funding contingencies the remaining funds will be used to create a removable swimming platform.


Aamjiwinaang Environment Staff